Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve.

Hollowing out a log wasn’t as easy as falling off a log. At least we proved a method to achieve a result for Friends of Koolunga Native Reserve.

We’ve been investigating how to best make log hollows to support species that need this habitat to breed.
A big thank you to the Rowville Men’s Shed for testing out different tools and techniques!

Some of the projects we have undertaken.

  •  Updating the play area for the Scoresby Village Play Group.
  • Construction of a “Fort / Cubby” for a local mum.
  • The design and construction of a “Rat Maze” for a local girls school project.
Karoo Primary School Woodworking

The Men’s Shed visited Karoo Primary School to provide tools and supervision for the year 5 students while they drilled holes in wooden block for a project they are working on.

After the blocks were drilled they were assembled to make a small wooden robot.

Heritage Footpath – Relaying

Before the updating of underground services at the Stamford Park Homestead, the Rowville Men’s Shed removed and stored a brick heritage footpath.

When the updating of the services under the path was completed updated the bricks were relayed in their original location.

Orana Community House Sign

The Orana Community Centre at Wantirna created a “Community Open Space” and needed a suitable sign erected.

Some very creative ladies created a fantastic mosaic sign and the Rowville Men’s Shed constructed a suitable mounting and erected the sign.

The Chook Mahal

The Chook Mahal at the Scoresby Primary School.

The school chooks had outgrown their old accommodation, as a result of the skills and hard work of the Men’s Shed the chooks have a larger coop.

The large size and a higher standard of accommodation lead the project being dubbed “The Chook Mahal”.

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