The New Shed

31 December 2020

During 2020, despite COVID-19, two disused Netball courts have been transformed into the new home of the Rowville Men’s Shed.

2 September 2020

All finished, now all we need is for Covid-19 to finish.
The view from the side yard.
The verandah overlooks the side garden.

5 August 2020

Kichen - Meeting Room
The kitchen and meeting area are nearly finished

25 July 2020

The kitchen and meeting area fitout is nearly finished.

8 July 2020

With the plasterboard on the internal walls you can better visualise the layout

24 June 2020

Internal framing is progressing.

22 June 2020

Wth internal framing starting, a couple of the Shed executive went onsite with Knox Council staff to discuss power outlet locations with the builder.

June 19 2020

The installation of the roof and skylights is now complete

12 June 2020

The Frame is up, the walls installed, now the roof is going on.

28 May 2020

The slab is nice and dry ready for the shed to arrive

27 April 2020

Concrete slab floor poured - Size is approx 12 metres X 28 metres

20 April 2020

The slab has been poured, one step closer to completion.

9 April 2020

The footings are prepared, nearly ready for the concrete to be poured.

31 March 2020

There is a guy with a gadget that locates underground services. He was mapping and marking the entire area in preparation for the sewer line that will cross from the tennis centre and Shed to the Footy pavilion’s pit.

18 March 2020

Old Netball Court surface removed

17 March 2020

Preparation work has started

2 January 2020

Work about to start

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